Controllable pitch propellers

Scana Volda manufactures controllable pitch (CP) propellers in the power range up to 20,000 kW, with propeller diameters from approx. 2000 mm to 7500 mm.

The hydrodynamic design of the propeller blades, preferably based on data from model tests of the vessel and adapted to the ship's service profile, ensures the customer's optimum overall efficiency of the vessel.

Scana Volda's construction criteria are always based on minimum cavitation and lowest possible noise and vibration level. 

Scana Volda CP Propellers comes in a wide range of design varieties:

  • Standard hub range from 520 - 1900mm
  • Range of 4 bladed propellers
  • Controllable pitch propellers with the servo motor either in the gear, in the shaftline or in the propeller hub
  • Propellers are made from NiAl bronze or stainless steel
  • Blade design with high skew or normal skew blades

Norwegian Propeller Forum

Scana Volda participates in Norwegian propeller forum.
Ten Norwegian propeller manufacturers plus DnV, NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Marintek (The Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute) are running a three year joined industry research and development program. The objectives of the forum are to develop new and more efficient design and analysis tools, and to secure long term competence development in key area of this discipline. The Research Council of Norway and Innovation Norway are supporting the program.

The main activities of the propeller forum are:

  • Developing and verifying new design and analytical methods
  • Developing methods for the analysis of propulsion and maneuvering system operating under various loads and for given operational profiles
  • Improving design and production processes
  • Developing competence and human resources at university and college level  

  All new Scana Volda Propellers are designed by means of a FEM-analysis


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