Group management

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Scana has a decentralized organization in which a large part of the group’s technical and commercial expertise is located in the various companies. Scana’s group management team and finance and accounts function are based at the head office in Stavanger, Norway.

Group management comprises:

Jan Henry Melhus
Group CEO

Jan Henry Melhus (born 1963) is educated as production engineer with additional education within marine technology. He has more than 20 years of experiencee from Scana’s areas of commitment. Melhus came to Scana from the position as director for GE Oil & Gas. Ha has previously held leading positions at Vetco Gray, GMC group, NAT and ABB Group.

Kjetil Flesjå
Group Director / CFO

Kjetil Flesjå (born 1967) has a Master of Science in Finance and came to Scana from Fokus Bank. Flesjå has a thorough expertise in banking and a comprehensive experiencee with corporate finance processes including acquisitions and sales, financial risk analyses, balance and liability strategies, plus and extensive analysis experience.

Fredrik Forsberg
Group Director Energy

Fredrik Forsberg (born 1973) holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering as well as postgraduate in business development and leadership. Forsberg came to Scana in 2013 from the position as Managing Director for Alstom Hydro Service. Forsberg has had various leading positions from sales and country management to managing director positions.

Raymond Gabrielsen
Group Director Property

Raymond Gabrielsen (born 1971) has a MBA from ESCP in Paris and Norwegian School of Management (BI) and he is also a licensed real estate broker. Gabrielsen came to Scana from the position as marketing manager at NCC Property Development AS, before this he held positions as property director at Centennial ASA and as commercial broker at Malling & Co in Oslo

With nearly 20 years in various positions within real estate he has comprehensive experience from the business, including letting, investments, transactions and property development.

Scana worldwide

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