Scana Offshore Vestby AS delivers complete offloading systems to FPSOs and FSOs. The offloading system consists of a hose reel, hose and a hawser winch. The hose is the transfer line of crude oil from the FPSO to the shuttle tanker. The hose is equipped with a hose end piece to connect the hose to the tanker.

Hose Reel

The SOV hose reels are designed and manufactured to meet any customer needs.

Typical hose reel specifications:

We have designs for 12 - 20” floating or submerged hoses. The hose will be stored in one or two layers. Three equally sized, hydraulic motors drive the hose reel drum via a geared slewing ring. The motors are hydraulically connected, and the pulling moment is equally divided on all the motors. The gear units are fitted with fail-safe brakes with a brake moment to fulfil the demand of maximum pull force.

A spooling device for the hose reel is included in the package. It is used to make sure the hose is aligned properly when reeling in and out. The hose reel is operated by remote control.

The hose reel can be fitted with a ESD valve (ball valve). Between the hose reel swivel and the ESD valve there will normally be a 20” spool piece (Pipe line piece) with flange connections for flushing. The spool piece has 20” flange according to ANSI B16.5, class 150 on both sides.

Bunkering Hose Reels

Scana Offshore Vestby also offers bunkering hose reels. They can be manufactured and assembled in a wide range of configurations (Sizes, hose lengths, hose diameters, etc) to meet any customer needs.


Hawser Winch

The hawser winch holds the tanker in position during the offloading operation. The tanker will thrust backwards or be pulled backwards by a tugboat to keep the pull in the hawser, to secure a proper distance to the platform.

It is made as a classic drum winch with a hydraulic driven spooling device. The hawser winch also includes load monitoring and quick-release. The hawser winch and the spooling device are both manually operated units. A typical Scana hawser winch is driven by hydraulic motors via a geared slewing ring.

The hawser winch can be designed for any customer specification.


Hose End Coupling

The hose end coupling connects the hose and BLS (Bow Loading Systems) on the tanker. It contains a spring operated closing valve, which can be operated/opened from the ship’s connection coupling. A hydraulic operated cylinder/closing valve in the ship’s BLS coupling pushes the hose end coupling valve open.

The hose end coupling is designed for standard 20” interface. A converting spool piece can be applied to adjust to the actual hose size.



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