Shafts and Stern Tubes


Scana Zamech delivers propeller shafting and intermediate shafting between the gearbox output flange and the propeller hub.
We have our own design and production for shafts and we can produce a single shaft length of up to 22m .

Furthermore, we  deliver shafts applicable for oil-lubricated stern tube arrangements as well as water-lubricated stern tube arrangements. When using water-lubricated stern tube arrangements, the most commonly used solution today is for Scana Zamech to provide these shafts with stainless steel or stainless steel  cladding.

Special shaft material is also used for ice operating vessels.

Intermediate Shaft

When the total tail shaft length between the propeller hub and gearbox output  flange exceeds the limitations for the maximum length possible for the propeller  shaft, one or more intermediate shaft(s) have to be used.


High-speed Shaft

When you put the main engine in the front section of the vessel, you need high-speed shaft(s).

Scana Zamech can  deliver high speed shafting arrangements between the main engine and gearbox input shaft.

Hydraulic bolts

The propeller equipment can be supplied with hydraulicly fitted bolts for easy assembly and disassembly. Machining of holes is simple, reaming or honing is avoided.

Stern tubes

The standard stern tube is designed to be installed from the back and is press-fitted and bolted to the stern frame boss.
The forward end of the stern tube is supported by the welding ring. The forward shaft seal is bolted onto the welding ring. This design allows thermal expansion/contraction of the stern tube and decreases the necessity for close tolerances of the stern tube installation length. The stern tube can be supplied roughly machined and finished, if required. As an option the stern tube can be installed with epoxy resin.

Scana Zamech is delivers stern tubes for two different types of propeller shaft lubrications, oil lubricated or water lubricated.

Oil-lubricated stern tube

The stern tube is provided with forward and back white metal liners. Sensors for bearing temperature can be mounted, if required. A thermometer for the forward bearing is standard.

As standard, the stern tube is provided with forward and after stern tube seals of the lip ring type having three lip rings in the after seal and two lip rings in the forward seal.


Scana Zamech can also, on request, provide stern tube arrangement(s) applicable for water lubrication, where special water-lubricated rubber bearings and inner shaft seal(s) are used.

For water-lubricated arrangements, the propeller shaft(s) will mostly be delivered with stainless steel cladding and in accordance with special customer requests. 

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